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We are manufacturer of modern and durable aluminium products. In our offer you can find:

- Fences
- Gates
- Balustrades
- Balcony separators
- Carports
- Window shutters
- Elevation panels

Nasze wyroby dostępne są w dowolnym kolorze z palety RAL, a także w wykończeniu drewnopodobnym. Do każdego zamówienia podchodzimy indywidualnie, dlatego możemy tworzyć projekty idealnie dobrane do Państwa potrzeb. Używamy tylko sprawdzonych materiałów, a wieloletnie doświadczenie w branży technicznej pozwala nam dostarczać produkty najwyższej jakości dla najbardziej wymagających klientów.

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We make aluminum sliding and double-leaf gates in every color and with every type of filling. The filling panels are available in widths from 40 mm to 250 mm. It is also possible to fill with oblique lamellas or stainless steel profiles. Maximum width of the sliding gate (including counterweight) - 8m, maximum width of a double-leaf gate - 6m

Fencing spans

We also provide aluminium fencing spans. Filling panels are available from 40 to 250mm wide. There is also possibility to use satin stainless steel profiles. Our constructions are bolted not welded, that`s how we can avoid unnecessary space inbetween the spans and posts and also mix different colors of profiles.

Window shutters

As a manufacturer of aluminum products, we can also offer durable and modern aluminum shutters. There are possible variants of sashes that cooperate directly with the window opening or have a frame. The types of wings are tailored to the requirements of the markets and the habits of customers in different countries (Germany, France, Italy). The filling can be fixed lamellas, movable lamellas, plank-like panels, sheet metal panels, etc. 

Why Aluminium?

In recent years, aluminum fences have become more and more popular, why more and more people are choosing aluminum solutions over steel?

  • aluminum, unlike steel, is much more resistant to corrosion, which allows you to enjoy the fence for many years.
  • aluminum is maintenance-free.
  • aluminum is much lighter than steel, that makes assembly easier and also makes the gate drives wear out more slowly. 
  • aluminium is eco-friendly and you can recycle it.
  • aluminum looks exclusive, our fences do not have visible welds and, unlike welded fences, they allow you to combine different colors, e.g. colors from the RAL palette with a wood-like finish.
  • aluminum is available in a wood-like finish, thanks to which we can have elements imitating wood in our fence, eliminating the greatest drawback of wood - low durability.



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